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Knowy uses AI to extract and organize knowledge from your files and the web. You can then visualize it on knowledge maps, search, ask questions, write notes, and even auto-generate full articles to share with others.

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Meet your new knowledge assistant, powered by ChatGPT

The Knowy Bot is an AI ready to assist you in any way it can. All you have to do is ask.

And many, many more!

Enjoy learning. Let Knowy do the heavy work.

Knowy simplifies your learning process and helps you stay focused. Enhance your brainpower with Knowy.

Organize your knowledge

Get your workspace in order to understand more, faster

Import and digest contents from any website

Paste a website’s link and let Knowy identify, structure, and summarize its contents so you can focus on the learning.

Find relevant information without leaving your workspace

Search for whatever you need by asking the Knowy Bot, or tell it what you’re exploring and let it make suggestions to you. No noise, no distractions, no ads—just knowledge.

Connect your knowledge in visual, interactive maps

Help your brain find and establish associations by systemizing information into perspectives. Say goodbye to the hundred tabs open in your browser!

Learn without limits

Supercharge your cognitive abilities

Digest complex topics into atomic knowledge elements

Learning is easier when you break subjects into small elements. Knowy does it for you in a fast, visual, and scalable way.

Shape your personally-tailored learning methods

Forget about following dull learning exercises and mnemonic devices. Tailor the process to your preferences and study the way you want to.

Gain knowledge that lasts

Find and build knowledge associations to form long-term memories you can recall whenever you need them.

Release your inner genius

New ideas come from growing your knowledge

Eliminate all distractions

Everything you need, at your fingertips. Access your personal knowledge, learning tools, and web resources—all in one place.

Visualize your knowledge as you apply it

Increase your productivity! Work on your tasks and assignments while accessing the information you need at the same time.

Augment your creativity

Spark your inventiveness by having Knowy connect knowledge and resources to help you ideate beyond imagination.

Team up to get the job done(coming soon!)

Collaborate with colleagues

Combine your knowledge

Each person has their own cognitive strengths. Harness each one of them by merging your knowledge with your colleagues’.

Work together in real time

Work on your projects seamlessly by turning your perspective into a dynamic workspace for everyone.

Share your work with the world

Export knowledge cards, content, and entire knowledge workspaces for everyone to see. Contribute to your company's or humanity’s collective knowledge!

Knowledge Workers

Make your studies matter

Enjoy a distraction-free environment for studying.
Organize and store your bibliographic material in a single place.
Expand the scope of your research with Knowy’s suggestions.
Cement your learnings into your Digital Brain, so you never forget it.
Knowledge Workers

Work smart, not hard

Stop wasting your time looking for information.
Make your job easier by creating customized perspectives for each of your projects.
Find new solutions. Let Knowy organize your work to see connections you might have missed.
Make teamwork feel like no work. Share your information with colleagues
Knowledge Workers

Escalate your word count

Power through writer’s block by leveraging the power of your knowledge for inspiration.
Store all your writing resources in one place. Pull them from your Digital Brain with a single command at any time.
Easy worldbuilding. Create complex, realistic characters and places and connect them to bring your story to life.
Knowledge Workers

Make your studies matter

Don’t make your students memorize, teach with meaning! Show them how what they’re learning connects with the world around them.
Show, don’t tell. Visually decompose any subject into its simplest aspects, right in front of your students.
Keep them focused. Make your lessons engaging by allowing your students to take control and organize the material themselves.
Make learning fun. Create new, interactive learning exercises using Knowy’s perspectives.