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A fresh approach to knowledge

Simplify Your Knowledge Journey

Instant content collection and knowledge extraction

Upload your digital sources - articles, reports, lectures, books, and more. Knowy distills them down to essential points, highlighting and extracting knowledge.

Discover and understand with visual knowledge

Turn complex reads into easily navigable visual representations of the most relevant knowledge, designed for quicker understanding and better recall.

Get credible answers from your vetted sources

Ask questions and receive credible, cited answers from your preferred sources. Save time on validation and feel assured about the information's reliability.

Recall all your trusted knowledge

Automatically discover and reuse your past insights to generate new, trustworthy content effortlessly. Never waste knowledge again.

Harness the Power of knowledge Simplicity

Why use Knowy?

Efficient learning

All your essential knowledge, organized in one easy to use web app. No distractions, pure focus.

See the unseen

Visually decompose any subject into its simplest aspects and reveal hidden insights and connections in your knowledge base.

Partner with a trusted AI assistant

Team up with AI to streamline knowledge management using your trusted sources for questions and content.

Never lose access to what you've learned

Use the power of your previous knowledge without having to search for it, to spark new ideas and write new content.

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